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Welcome to Lil Angel's Life
Monday, February 18, 2013Y

its been very long since im back here.. it seems like the work be it my actual paying job or my tuition job or my studies or paper publication, nothing seems to be easy.. im tired but i will press on.. jia you girl.. *pat pat self..

today the bf compared me to the coffee that he drinks.. he is a weird person.. the type of coffee he drinks depends on his mood.. whether it is espresso, latte, cappuccino w or w/o sugar it all depends on his mood..

so it is the same with me.. whether im in my "black" mode, "milky" mode, "bitter" mode, or "sweet" mode, he will "drink" it all.. accepting it as it is The Moment.. a moment he does not want to miss.. even if it is not what he wants..

he is weird.s

ends at 12:19 AM